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We've built a platform for highly scalable network

securCoin is a fast, secure, highly scalable blockchain network that is able to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions per second.

securCoin is a real-life utility token for service providers where most payments take the form of micropayments and where the primary system requirement is the speed of transactions. The securCoin network is designed to be used as both a payment layer and as a security layer for the publicly available peer-to-peer communication service Call.Me and other services provided by securCom Inc. securCoin also introduces a new state of the art e-wallet combined with Call.Me communication abilities as an end user interface.

securCoin Overview

SecurCoin Component Overview

securCoin is supported by a network with some components on the blockchain, and other components on the underlying peer-to-peer (P2P) network. By extending the blockchain features to the P2P network, securCoin provides more usability, simplicity, and security to the token compared to existing coins based exclusively on blockchain technology. The primary securCoin components include:


Flexible blockchain platform

Used as a backbone for securCoin's on-chain transactions as well as the underlying P2P features. Together, the blockchain and P2P functions provide a highly scalable real-time transaction system.

Digital identity management service

Provides identity management for individuals, organizations, and other entities based on the PKI X.509 standard. The security of this standard allows us to provide a strong KYC layer for securCoin.

Service network

Chat rooms and groups are loaded into the blockchain, with different parameters and advanced features like permissioned access based on token ownership.

securCoin Advantages

securCoin Blockchain

The securCoin blockchain code base is a fork of NEO and implements some of its solutions and protocol layers. The NEO blockchain offers a number of advantages to standard Bitcoin-based blockchains and provides additional capabilities compatible with securCoin services.

  • NEO's identity layer
  • Highly distributed and secure blockchain
  • Application/service agnostic
  • Tokenized assets
  • Smart contracts
securCoin Advantages
road map

Our Road Map Details

January 2018

securCom Inc. and CoinPayments Inc. join forces on securCoin

Q2 2018

Finalize whitepaper & complete the launch plan

Q4 2018

Launch the ITO & issue ERC tokens

Q1 2019

Blockchain development & compliance with data regulations

Q2 2019

Launch of the securCoin network

Q3 2019

Integration with services in Call.Me & Star Call

Team members

Our Team

Alexander Alexandrov
CEO of CoinPayments Inc.

CEO of the first and largest altcoin payment processor and wallet solution in the world, CoinPayments. Board member of Blockchain Society Canada. Crypto currency educator and a public speaker.

Pavol Cvengros
CTO of securCom Inc.

Co-founder of securCom Inc. with over 25 years of experience in programming and computers. Co-founder of Host.sk free hosting platform. Creator of Call.Me and securCom’s technology. Infrastructure Architect for government and enterprise sector for 15 years.

Sina Mirzae
Business Development Manager at CoinPayments.net

Bitcoin early adopter investor and crypto miner. Co-founder and Business Development Manager of Coinpayments Inc. 10 years of experience in sales and development. A crypto-currency enthusiast and public speaker. Board member of Blockchain Innovation Society.

Jag Sidhu
CTO Blockchain Foundry

Jag brings a wealth of experience as a senior software engineer and currently serves as the CTO to Syscoin and their partner company Blockchain Foundry. With a background working in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry combined with a current focus on blockchain programming, Jag is sure to make a mark in the crypto world.

Albert Meyburgh
Senior Software Engineer

Albert studied network security at BCIT and has 15 years experience in various innovative technical and leadership role capacities.

Ants Luts
Senior Software Engineer

Ants has been in the software architect role for over 5 years and brings over 15 years of software development experience ranging from low level driver development to image compression, mobile and high traffic cloud based ecommerce sites for some of the largest retailers in the world. Always with a special focus on the overall stability, security and performance of the system.

Justin Heyes-Jones
Senior Software Engineer

Justin Heyes-Jones studied Artificial Intelligence at Middlesex University and has 20 years experience in the software industry.

Juraj Mikula
Senior Software Engineer

Over 10 years experience in programming and now as senior software developer at securCom and Call.Me. Former ESET anti-virus engineer focusing on virus analysis and forensic analysis.

Joanna Kirpsza
Customer Support

Joanna is a very important member of original SecurCom team. She has many years of IT experience including most recently, the Manager of Microsoft/Skype Europe’s CEE support team. She was responsible for creating the Call.Me client support and service system.

Thom Lovelock
Customer support, Researcher & Social Media

A valued member of Call.Me and securCom team responsible for customers support team and our social media pages. Former Skype support manager.

Team members

Our Advisors

Peter Liu
Senior Advisor
Stephen Shultis
Senior Advisor
Brittany Keiser
Martina Roskova
Stanley Stephen Huntsman
Jacob Palm
Angelo Pallanca
Denis Weidner
Marshal Long

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This Whitepaper is a summary of our business model and technology. We make every effort to ensure that any material in this Whitepaper is accurate and up-to-date.

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